Scanner Honeywell 4800i

Honeywell 4800i

Industrial 2D Imager


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Powered by AdaptusTM Imaging Technology 5.0: Delivers
extraordinary reading performance to enable ease-of-use and
reader versatility.

Aggressive, omni-directional point-and-shoot reading:
Of linear, PDF417, and full 2D matrix symbols to allow for
greater throughput.

NEW! Increased Resolution: Improved image quality for visionbased

Rugged Packaging: Impact absorbent, shock resistant housing
withstands fi fty 6.5 foot (2 meter) drops, and is sealed to resist
dust, water, and contaminants from entering the unit. Backed by
an industry leading 5-year warranty.

NEW! Increased Motion Tolerance: Greater stability in scanning;
useful in fast-paced and mixed-symbology environments.
Ease of use in all types of scanning applications; better hand/
motion tolerance for linear codes.

Future-Proof Technology: The versatility of Adaptus Imaging
Technology 5.0 serves broad image-based data capture needs;
providing a solid solution for future application requirements.

NEW! Faster Time to Read (TTR): Advanced Linear Decoding
(ALD) is faster and reads more like a linear unit.

NEW! Broader Depth of Field (DOF): Ability to read wider bar
codes quickly and easily, including hard to read bar codes.