Brady BSP61 automatische printer applicator

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Artikelnummer 710949 (meerdere uitvoeringen leverbaar)
Kleur mogelijkheden Eenkleurig
Omschrijving BSP61-34L
Orderreferentie BSP61-34L
Verpakking Doos
Printtechnologie Thermische transfert
Basishoeveelheid 1
Software compatibiliteit CodeSoft, LabelMark, Windows gebaseerd stuurprogramma voor softwareprogramma’s van derden
Zelfstandig Printen Autonoom & perifeer
Totaal aantal per pak 1 Stuk(s) / Doos
Gewicht (kg) 16


icon Brochure automatisch labellen

BSP61 also known as A8500

Complete labelling solution to obtain 100% traceability

The BSP™61 Print and Apply System offers a fully automatic labelling
solution anywhere along the production line. It combines a thermal transfer
label printer with an automatic applicator and is designed to consistently
print and accurately position and apply labels in almost all manufacturing
applications. The BSP61 combines precision, versatility and high print
quality and offers best value for money.

Increase your productivity
The use of high-performance equipment for labelling in a production
environment maximises efficiency by enabling first-time clean, clear and
accurate labelling, streamlined traceability, reducing material wastage,
maintaining uptime and measuring WIP. The result? A reduction of each
unit’s total production cost. Tier 1 automotive suppliers have reported
up to 70% labour cost savings and an increase in production efficiency
and quality.

Meets the demands of your environment
The BSP™61 Print and Apply System is developed for applications such as PCB marking, component and product
marking in high quality demanding industries like automotive, electronics, manufacturing and laboratory. Designed for
optimum, easy integration into existing production lines, the BSP61 has a compact footprint and offers a software that is
compatible with your host system.


see brochure


-RS232C- Interface
-USB 2.0 Slave interface
-Ethernet 10/100 Base T-interface with TCP/IP
-Slot for Wireless LAN-card
-Two USB-Master-interfaces to connect an external operation
panel, keyboard, scanner or service key
-Slot for memory card CompactFlash Type I
-Connection for warning light
Indicates the display and the printer status
Green Ready for operation
Yellow Pre-warning: end of label, end of ribbon
Red Printing or applying error
-Connection main valve for air pressure:
On / off signal for compressed air supply
-Connection external E-stop
In connection with a main valve this interface allows to cut off
the compressed air supply in case of an emergency
-Digital I/O interface
25-pin SUB-D socket.
All 24V in- and outputs are optically isolated
Inputs                               Outputs
Start printing and applying     Ready to operate
Reprint                               Print data available
Label feed                           Paper feed on
Delete print job                    Pre-warning end of ribbon
Pause                                 Pre-warning end of label
Label dispensed                    Error end of ribbon
Reset                                 Error end of label
Stop printing and applying      Label in dispensing position
Print first label                     Basic position / upper end position
Rotation 4200                      Applying position / lower end position
Common alarm

Interface Centronics bi-directional acc. IEEE 1284.
Interface RS422/RS485 1.200 up to 230.400 Baud/8 Bit.
The interfaces are connected to the PC.
Connection to the printer via mini USB-connection cable.

Label selection box-I/O-box. Via SPS up to 16 different labels
can be loaded from a memory card.
Operation of four in-/outputs via Basic Interpreter.

WLAN card 802.11 b/g.